For most of our members, our group classes are all they need.  It allows them to still receive personalized instruction, but in an energetic and motivating group environment.  For others though, one-on-one personal training and nutrition coaching is what they require.  Whether it be to build muscle, burn excess fat, or most importantly, to learn proper nutrition and exactly how important nutrition is to achieving their goal, our personal training and nutrition coaching is simply the best.  We have countless success stories since we implemented this program.  The results of some of our members are truly astounding and it comes down to one simple reason: we actually care about YOU and the goal that you want to achieve.  It isn't easy, but with the right mindset, the will to sacrifice, the desire to succeed, the ability to push through adversity, and the proper instruction, anything can be achieved.  Appointments for personal training are available Monday - Saturday at any time outside of our regular class times.